Workshops at The Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Boca Raton

Workshops at The Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Boca Raton

March 2: Eco printing on Paper and Fabric

Here we take eco printing to the next level. We will learn how to test plant material; this is an important step which will save money and material. You will be shown and work with different ways of masking, and will be introduced to the concept of the iron blanket.

March 3: Eco printing on Paper and Fabric

The last workshop for fabric eco printing will deal with the preparing of dye baths and preparing the fabric for these dye baths. We will experiment with tannin dips and lastly talk about and look at design.

March 16: Eco printing on leather

A workshop suitable for bookbinders and craft people alike. Eco printing on leather requires yet another approach, but the results are stunning. The printed leather can be used for book covers, small bags etc.

March 24: A repeat of March 16.

March 30/31: Bringing it all Together

What to do with all the paper you printed, the fabric, the leather . . . ? Let’s turn them into beautiful items to use or gift!

Come one day or two, depending on what you want to get accomplished, the possibilities are endless.

We can make book cloth, to be used on (note)books we sew with a simple binding (or the more elaborate coptic stitch). We can use leather to make book covers, tool and note book holders, wallets, little purses. We can embellish our papers with ink, stamps, embroidery and found objects. Use our fabric to sew bags (to keep our books in, our make up etc.)

I will advise and assist each participant with their specific project, or you can work on your own, using the tools and material available.

We will have available two sewing machines, stamps, needles and thread, pen and inks, book board and papers, leather tools, patterns for leather and fabric etc. etc.

There will be a small materials fee, depending on what you use. And of course you can bring in any tools and materials you wish to use.