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Hungry Horse
Hungry Horse

Finally we arrive at the Hungry Horse Saloon to have some coffee. Owner Frank turns out to be an ex-bull rider, and has an adventurous and colorful past. This is etched into his scarred and weathered face.

A big box of photos appears on the bar. Frank proudly shows off all kinds of cattle, horses, cows birthing, Frank on a bull, and Frank’s father’s dog. Turns out the father and the dog have been snowed in for the past three weeks. Frank hates winter which does not make Nebraska a good place to live...

Time for taking pictures; Frank and family, Rocky, Charla and I gather underneath the stuffed head of an enormous bull. Frank then subjects me to a barrage of questions about ceramics, what do I make and what am I going to do with it? Later in the car Rocky gives me the whole family history, including alcoholism, bull riding, broken bones and spleens removed.

Ironic. An alcoholic, winter-hating bull rider ends up in a saloon named the Hungry Horse in snow-covered Nebraska. He could have at least changed the name of the saloon...