Double Dutch Design

Art is a very large part of my identity, a way of maintaining myself. Art is my way of expressing positive emotions, and purging negative emotions.

It lets me enjoy the positive occasions over and over again by making them permanently visual and touchable, by translating the happy moments into a pleasing shape or vivid color, a lasting reminder even when the moments have long gone.

Art lets me deal with problems from the past by letting the present deal with them. I do this by "reliving" the past through a project, to literally translate the ensuing emotions into an object, and getting rid of these emotions by transferring them into a sculpture.

I incorporate many elements from my everyday life that either pertain directly to the subject matter, or work as a symbol. You will find a lot of natural materials, found objects and personal matter in my work, brought together by a variety of techniques, like ceramics, letterpress printing, drawing, imaging, collage, book binding and artists’ books.