2009 > A Soldier of the Second World War

In June 2009 we were in Normandy for the 65th anniversary of D-Day. While visiting the "recently" dug-out bunkers at Grandcamp Maisy, I was struck by the opposites of that day and the same day in 1944.

2009: beautiful weather, very quiet, wild flowers everywhere. 1944: the weather wasn't so good, it must have been deafening with all the shooting and bombing going on, and certainly the wild flowers would've been trampled by soldiers' boots. And if not, would the soldiers have noticed them?

I had similar thoughts when visiting an allied cemetery a couple of days later. Really quiet, flowers everywhere, immaculately groomed graves and head stones. You could think the soldiers finally had their peace and quiet, but at the same time it seemed so unreal and contradictory.

Hence "A Soldier of the Second World War". Photographs of the head stones are from the english cemetery in Ryes-Bazenville , flowers picked at Grandcamp Maisy, V-mail acquired from Ebay, images of negatives of soldiers' pictures are from original glass Kodak negatives from 1942-44 and actual accounts from soldiers are from the PBS website.

This book is included in "500 Handmade Books Vol. 2"